What is skinny fat, and how to get rid of it.

skinny fat occurs when the body lacks muscle mass. It happens with mostly people with a skinny physique,due to lack of movement and resistance training, plus unhealthy diet; you’ll look skinny yet fluffy to the touch.

How to fix it?

  1. Cut on unhealthy carbs such as;rice, cakes, cookies, or thing’s with saturated fat.(gluten and dairy free is good tho)

2. Since the body lacks muscle mass, the most obvious choice of approach would be lifting heavy kilos (your max) .

3. Protein powder is not steroids, it’s simply protein like you get in food like eggs and meat, you consume it 2-3x a day, it increase the rate your body builds muscles. I used probolic SR cookie flavour, it’s really good.

3. Food is the most essential, eat well, clean and drink plenty of water.

E.g. food to eat;


•chicken breast




•turkey etc..

4. Do a 20minute hiit session 2x a week, it will help greatly to break through the wall you’ll face after reaching a certain fat loss.

5. Don’t ever let other people make you feel small by saying you’ve gotten too skinny, or too fat, in the end you’re working out for your goals and your self alone. They have no say in what you aim for and what you’re working towards.

hopefully these tips can help.

comment and I’ll give a list of exercises and workouts that’s really effective 👌

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